Streaming & Mobile Broadcasting

Statistics and Insights are better conveyed in video, and what if you could actively interact with your audience?

We specialise in, but not limited to, streaming various sporting events. We also do a variety of advertising videos

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We are visual beings! In that we know that illustrations aid understanding, make data memorable & overall just looks so good.

We research, design and distribute infographics to support company profiles, apps , websites & much more! 

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Campaign Activation

When it comes to branding activation, go digital!

Using an integrated omnichannel strategy, from concept to execution, we create strategies to help you raise awareness, expand reach and build leads.

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The Tournament Book

Rugby: The Tournament is about the Rugby World Cup since its inception in 1987. The book is in Infographic style for easy absorption and covers interesting statistics and insights.
The achievements, records, disappointments and insights includes the Woman’s Rugby World Cup, it is a coffee table and collectors item not just for the fanatics but also for those who follow and love the game of rugby.